Professional Hydrology Certification Application Process

Individual applicants who meet educational, professional experience, professional conduct requirements, and have passed a professional examination as prescribed by the Board of Registration, will be certified as Profession Hydrologists. Applicants approved by the Board are certified as a Professional Hydrologist-Surface Water, Hydrologist-Groundwater, and Hydrologist-Water Quality.

Requirements for Certification:

Education: Five semester or 8 quarter hours in Chemistry and Physics and Calculus. An additional 25 semester or 37 quarter hours in Hydrology coursework of which at least 10 semester or 15 quarter hours come from Hydrology courses; 10 semester or 15 quarter hours come from Hydrology Allied courses; and 5 semester or 7 quarter hours come from Hydrology Supplemental courses (courses categories are found in attached PDF forms).

Experience: A minimum of five (5) years of experience having significant responsibility and experience in hydrology after the award of a Bachelor's degree, or four (4) years after the award of a Master's degree, or three (3) years after the award of a Doctoral degree.

Examination: The applicant must pass both examination Part I (Hydrology Fundamentals) and Part II (Specific Discipline—Practical) with a minimum score of 70%.

Application Fee: $100 (This covers the Institute's cost to process and review application.)

Examination Fee: Part I exam is $200 and Part II Exam is $250. Both Parts I and II may be paid for at the same time discounting the total fee to $300. Examination may be waived at the discretion of the Board of Registration and Executive Committee.

Initial Certificate Fee: $35

Annual Dues: $150 (first year is pro-rated)

Application and Supporting forms:

The following flow chart shows how your application will proceed through the process. If anything is missing in your application, the Executive Director will notify you prior to sending it onto the Board of Registration for review and recommendation. Ultimately, the Executive Committee decides the outcome of the application based on the thorough review and recommendation by the Board of Registration. When the Executive Director contacts you with the outcome of your certification, you may fall into one of the following categories:

  • Approved for certification, examinations waived;
  • Approved for certification, pending successful completion of Parts I and/or II of the examination; or
  • Not approved with reasons given.

Certification Process

Hydrologist certification process